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James Joyce was a famous Irish writer who lived between 1882 and 1941. He began to write essays and poetry at University College of Dublin and he continued even after moving to Paris.
Joyce, after returning to Dublin and his mother’s death, met his future wife Nora Barnacle and he started to work on an autobiographical novel called “Stephen Hero” which he renounced.

Joyce spent the next eleven years in Italy where he worked on several works, including his first book of poetry: “Chamber Music”.
In 1914 Joyce began to write Ulysses, one of his greatest works; from the title we can understand that there is a correlation with the adventures of the Greek hero, in fact the characters make decisions and find themselves in situations similar to Ulysses ones, but from a normal anointed view: the work describes how different characters are involved in a typical day in Dublin.
In this work, as in many others, Joyce represents the importance of women through their intelligence.

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